Our Animal Care Policy

The health and well being of all of our marine life is extremely important to us and each animal is considered a special "guest."  We feel that each and every marine creature that's in our care is an ambassador for their species.

The marine life at our Bait House Aquarium are cared for by an experienced and specially trained staff member dedicated to their health and wellbeing.  We’re also fortunate to be able to draw on the expertise of marine scientists at NIWA and veterinary expertise at the Wellington Zoo to assist in the care of our marine life.

All of our live exhibits were designed to ensure the health of the various species on display and to enable them to continue their natural behaviour as much as possible.  We strongly support the Ministry for Primary Industries Code of Animal Welfare for zoos and aquariums, and the principles of both the New Zealand and Australian Zoo and Aquarium Association, and the American Association of Zoos and Aquariums.