Marine Exploration Programmes

Our Marine Exploration Programmes
Explore, Discover, Learn!

Since hosting our first group of visitors at the Island Bay Marine Education Centre way back in 1996, our goal has always been to promote the on-going care and sustainable use of New Zealand's marine environments and resources through education.

We believe giving everyone a chance to see and learn about New Zealand's seas and marine life will inspire them to be more interested in taking care of our oceans.  Our aim is to make learning fun through exciting live exhibits and providing interesting educational experiences for people of all ages.   We want to stimulate all visitors to leave the Centre asking more questions than when they arrived!

Our unique seaside location, our extensive collection of live local marine life and our knowledgeable staff and volunteers, offer visitors a unique opportunity to see and learn about the marine animals and plants that live on one of the richest and safest rocky shores in New Zealand.

All our education programmes, hands-on activities, and live displays are designed to encourage a better understanding and appreciation of Wellington's South Coast environment, and to foster a sense of guardianship in visitors for all New Zealand's marine environments both outside as well as within marine reserves.

We offer a variety of 1-2 hour (or longer) programmes for early childhood centres, schools, and social and special interest groups that book visits to the Centre.  All of these programmes involve a welcome at our Octopus HQ followed by a hands-on, up close and personal experience with our marine life.

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